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Make the world smile with tea

I want to heal the mind and body of people all over the world through natural farming tea that is kind to the mind and body.

Yusando makes tea without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

It is held in Ujitawara Town, Minamiyamashiro Village and Kamifukawa Town in Yamato Kogen in Kyoto Prefecture.

From tea cultivation to processing and sales

We make quality tea with our own hands as much as possible.

In 2018, we obtained the long-sought organic JAS certification.

In April 2020, we acquired the world's first Hideaki Natural Farming Certification in the Japanese tea category.

Natural farming tea making

We make tea by believing only in the power of nature without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.We do everything from cultivation to processing by ourselves as much as possible.

Yusando Saryo

Over XNUMX years old.A historic old folk house is the home of Yusando.In this place where nature and tradition intersect, we are trying to create old and new Japanese culture that will lead to the next generation every day.

Spreading natural farming tea to the world

Tea that is kind to the mind and body that is sought after all over the world.We are actively expanding overseas so that more people can drink it.

Blog posts

[Matcha making by natural farming]

[Matcha making by natural farming]

僕らが抹茶作りを始めて、6年。無肥料・無農薬の抹茶作りを続けてきました。   大量の肥料を入れて育てることが常識となっている抹茶用の茶葉の栽培から、一線を画したお茶作りを目指してきました。   そんなことしたら枯れちゃうよと言われながら少しづつ。お茶の葉はもっと野生的になってきました。けれども...
[Organic JAS Online Workshop]

[Organic JAS Online Workshop]

有機JASのオンライン講習会を悠三堂の事務所で開催させていただきました。   僕らが圃場を使わせていただき、煎茶の加工の師匠でもある井戸野さん親子と自然農法のお茶を愛するロシア人サーシャ。   お茶作り60年のキャリアを持つ武司さんの話に戦後の日本茶の歴史の流れを重ね合わせながら、じっくりと講...
[Tea pack full of commitment]

[Tea pack full of commitment]

Tea pack tea that uses powder and bad-looking tea.It is generally considered to be of poor quality compared to leaf tea.We are very particular about the ingredients and contents of the tea pack to express our desire to have many people drink tea that is kind to the mind and body.Tea packs should not come out with microplastics ...