• Tea plantation regeneration

    Tea plantation regeneration

    [Regeneration of tea plantations]
    Work to mow the abandoned tea garden around the tea plantation of Yusando using a mower.

    I hope that the scenery of the beautiful tea plantations will remain forever.
    I am working hard.

    Podcast is ↓

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  • [How about delicious coffee]

    [How about delicious coffee]
    [How about delicious coffee]
    Direct roasting of coffee that I started when I had time while making tea.

    Since the number of orders has increased and we have asked a long-established coffee shop to roast, the taste is milder and more beautiful.It became delicious.

    Coffee from a teahouse that we make because we want to drink delicious coffee.Recently, I often receive inquiries.
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  • [Radio appearance]

    [Radio appearance]

    I appeared in FM Hashimoto with my respected natural farming senior @hashimotofarm Mr. Hashimoto.

    My daughter, who was with me, also entered the booth.Since it was a live broadcast, I couldn't give enough notice, but I was able to fully understand the natural farming method and tea.

    I thought it was a result of my daily podcast training, and I wanted to do my best again.

    Thank you to Mr. Hashimoto and everyone at FM Hashimoto 😊
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  • [Thank you]

    [Thank you]

    Making cubes today

    You who came from such a vast land
    I pushed it into a small box
    While thinking about that

    In the hands of someone
    When you drink
    If you can feel the splendor of nature
    This little box does a cute job
    I think it ’s very happy.

    For a little gift
    If you can use it
    I'm happy

    2 yen (tax included) with 5g and 350p each

    #Yusando #Natural tea #Natural farming #small gift #Soylon tea bag #yusando #naturaltea#morethanorgnic #nonplasticteabags #teafarmers

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