Morihime black tea

This Japanese black tea is grown in Okuyamato, where the temperature difference is large, and is naturally fermented in a quiet forest.It has a nice fragrance and you can enjoy a gentle sweetness.A natural tea that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers and is kind to the body and mind.

Plucking time  Late April to early November 
Variety Kaori Sayama

Cultivation place

Kamifukawa-cho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture

Tea master

Ryotaro Isozaki
Authentication Scheduled to acquire organic JAS certification (after 2021)

[Cultivation characteristics] Black tea made from the slowest new tea in Japan, which grows slowly by natural cultivation.

 In the mountains of Nara prefecture.Kamifukawa-cho is located on the Yamato plateau at an altitude of 500 meters.It is cultivated in one of the slowest areas of new tea in Japan.The new tea season begins in the latter half of May, about a month later than the place where the new tea harvest in the general production area begins.Since no artificial fertilizer is used, it is about a month later than the tea-producing area, and while slowly basking in the sun, it sucks the spirit of the earth and sprouts abundantly.


[Characteristics of processing] Unique processing that follows the natural flow as much as possible.


Natural wilting → kneading → natural fermentation.We process black tea at our own factory in a way that follows the natural flow as much as possible.


[Characteristics of taste] A faint sweetness and tenderness, and a refreshing aftertaste.

Morihime black tea is cultivated without pesticides and fertilizers, so it is a high-class black tea that has less umami due to fertilizers and less bitterness due to pesticides, and you can enjoy the original sweetness and refreshing bitterness of tea leaves.

Morihime black tea variety "Sayama Kaori"

Morihime black tea is made using "Sayama Kaori". ..


Kaori Sayama

Kaori SayamaIt is a unique variety that has sprouts that grow like needles.It has little umami and is characterized by a refreshing astringency and aroma of varieties.It is a variety suitable for the plateau of Nara where you can feel a faint sweetness.