Why I became a natural farmer

* This text is a manuscript for presentation at the SNN Producer Exchange Meeting on February 2020, 2.


I grew up in Hirakata City, Osaka, and grew up in a typical Showa family who has been a salaryman since my grandfather's generation.All my fathers were office workers, and no one thought I would be a farmer.I'm still very wondering.

The first time I encountered natural farming was25First time at the age of1It was because I helped with natural farming for a year.Although I managed to graduate from university, when I was wandering around in my hometown without job hunting, I asked a neighbor's uncle to teach me how to grow rice for a year.What a healthy life to go into the rice fields, weed and harvest rice!At that time, I thought it would be great if I could live on this.


After that, after working as a group employee,2014Year,30Started farming at the age of.Even if you say farming, there is no particular field, so-called Putaro.Married to her who had promised to marry.We were able to take the first step as our bullish and bearish farmer.



② Leap

2014Natural farming started in the year.the first6Natural farming started in a rice field as small as a ridge.At first, I couldn't live on natural farming alone, so I asked Mr. Doi of the Hideaki Natural Farming Network to hire me as an associate employee of the Kansai Secretariat of the Hideaki Natural Farming Network.A part-time farmer while helping the work of Hideaki Natural Farming Network2014 2017Continue until.I learned and met with my seniors by reforming distribution and going to producers.



I asked Mr. Kihara, who I met at an exchange meeting of the Hideaki Natural Farming Network six years ago, to introduce me to the tea plantation.


Mr. Doi, Mr. Kihara, Mr. Atsumi

By meeting these three people, we were able to start our natural farming method.


2016In XNUMX, when a large tea plantation was opened in Nara, I had the opportunity to become independent as a farmer at once.At first, I was able to rent XNUMX tea fields, and I was also able to rent a nearby tea field.When the total area exceeded one town, in anticipation of future prosperity, Yusando Co., Ltd. was established under the name of Yu, who was the nickname of his late father.


2018Year organicYES

2018Year Nara certified farmer

2020Scheduled to acquire year Hideaki certification


Now, the tea cultivation area is2We also grow paddy rice, vegetables, grapes and plums across towns.


④ Cultivation of tea by natural farming


From the beginning, it was cultivated by the Hideaki natural farming method.Natural cultivation of tea, which is generally said to use the most fertilizers and pesticides, is said to be very difficult.Carefully harvest the tea leaves so that the tea trees are not overloaded as much as possible in order to reduce the yield and reduce the growth of the trees.1We are trying to make tea that you can enjoy in your daily life, not just bancha.



5Moon Sencha

6Moon Matcha

7Moon roasted tea&Oolong Tea

8Moon tea

10Moon roasted tea bag

3Tsukidai Goro Bancha


Last year, the sprout of new tea was killed due to the late frost.

Natural farming trees are strong, and a month later new shoots emerged and I was able to harvest them safely.


From this year, we are also able to use the new Sencha line.



⑤ Yusando

With my younger sister2I run a company with people.

Since we have only two employees, we are trying to improve efficiency and share information.


The division of roles is

I'm farming and accounting, system and design

Sister-bagging, sales, shipping, gimmicks and events



In order to systematize and make it as efficient as possible, I use various services so that most of my work can be done on smartphones.Please let us know for more information.


① Yusando Solution (homemade)

Manage sales information, basic product information, and cultivation diary.It can be operated with a smartphone.


② Cloud accounting software "freee'

An excellent item that allows you to make payments on your smartphone.Accounting work1/10It became the following.


ECSite → "Shopify'

⑤ Communication → "LINEofficial"

Social MediaOutgoing → "Instagram'


Yu's tea ceremony

-Aiming to be a natural tea master who makes matcha and makes it, we hold a tea party using our own matcha.Next, I am working hard to reach a level where I can produce kaiseki made from my own vegetables.


The number of places where tea is used is gradually increasing.


Matcha Salon Yu






⑥ It was good to be a farmer of natural farming.


Rainy days are closed.

I don't have a boss.

You can feed your children the produce you make.

My body is really strong.

Eat what we made as delicious/I am very happy to have you drink it.


Farmers are great if you don't have to worry about money!


⑦ I want to connect natural farming to the next generation

I wasn't originally a farmer, but I was able to meet Hideaki Natural Farming thanks to my senior type.Atsumi, our master,50I started natural farming from my generation, and now80age.It's almost time to retire.Perhaps we can still farm in active duty35About a year.

In order for more natural farming to spread than it is now, more young people need to become producers and practice natural farming.30I hope that my challenge, which was said to be reckless beyond, can give courage to young people who have more potential.


This concludes the presentation.