A story about a 30-year-old inexperienced farmer who became a farmer of natural farming ① Before starting natural farming

Growing up in a salaryman family
Good morning!My name is Ryotaro Isozaki.Hideaki I am a full-time farmer for the sixth year since I started natural farming.First of all, I would like to talk about how I, who grew up in a salaryman family, became a farmer of natural farming by starting a new farm.

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I grew up in Hirakata City, Osaka, and grew up in a typical Showa family who has been a salaryman since my grandfather's generation.All my fathers were office workers, and no one thought I would be a farmer.I'm still very wondering.I've always liked studying.I really like things that can be done by myself.I left a private high school in Osaka and went to Waseda University in Tokyo.I majored in Eastern philosophy at university, and my thesis theme was "Philosophy Development of Early Buddhism." I was finally able to graduate from university over five years.

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I first encountered natural farming when I was 24 years old when I first helped with natural farming for a year.Although I managed to graduate from university, when I was working locally without job hunting, I asked Mr. Uno, who was practicing natural farming, to teach me how to grow rice for a year.At that time, I thought softly, "What a healthy life! It would be great if I could live with this" after going into the rice fields and harvesting grass and harvesting rice.After that, I went to various parts of the world and realized the wonderfulness of farming life and the wonderfulness of living by breathing in the air of freedom.

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After that, after working as a group employee, I trained at a friend's tea farmer for half a year in 2013. In 2014, started farming independently at the age of 30.Even if you say farming, there is no particular field, and it is like a so-called part-time jobber.In June of that year, she married her, who had promised to marry for six years.She is a miracle woman who married me, who had no money, no status, and only hope. (Laughs) I'm surprised at the foresight.Immediately after that, I realized that my first child was pregnant, and suddenly I had to carry my family on my back and use natural farming with almost no experience.

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② Start natural farming.

In 2014, we started natural farming without fields.At first, I couldn't live on agriculture alone, so I asked Mr. Doi of the Hideaki Natural Farming Network to hire me as an associate employee of the Hideaki Natural Farming Network Kansai Secretariat.While helping the work of Hideaki Natural Farming Network, I continued to work as a part-time farmer for about two and a half years.I have been planning distribution reforms and study sessions for producers with my seniors, and through a lot of learning and encounters, my feelings for producers have become stronger.The system I designed has greatly streamlined my work, and I haven't done much. Just as AI robs people of their jobs, the system I made has robbed me of my jobs (laughs).

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In addition, we were able to ask Mr. Atsumi to lend us the rice fields and fields that were used by a collaborator named Mr. Midori Yamamoto.I was able to learn little by little while teaching the technology.Tea making, paddy fields, fields.Although small, I was able to learn the basics.

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Thankfully, Mr. Kihara of Ujitawara Town, who I met at the exchange meeting of the Hideaki Natural Farming Network in 2014, introduced me to the tea plantation.This small field became the birthplace of our tea making.Mr. Doi, Mr. Kihara, Mr. Atsumi
By meeting these three people through the Hideaki Natural Farming Network, we have begun to form the form of our natural farming.

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The eldest son was born in February 2015.I have no choice but to work harder on agriculture.

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Now that we are dead, with the help of Mr. Hosonaga, our natural farming started from a small rice field with only XNUMX ridges.At this time, I didn't have a car yet, so I had a car taken out.

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The first tea harvest in Ujitawara Town.This year I made only hojicha.

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The first product is completed.The cute design was very popular with children.However, it was too costly, so from the following year, I changed to a design that could be cheaper.