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Sencha powder pesticide-free, fertilizer-free 50g

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This sencha is grown in Okuyamato, where the temperature difference is large, and is made with a prayer for world peace and people's health.You can enjoy a mild taste and aroma, and a refreshing aftertaste.A natural tea that does not use pesticides or fertilizers and is kind to the mind and body.

The slowly grown shoots were picked from late May to early June.Sencha is carefully made using the traditional Uji tea method.You can enjoy the gentle sweetness of nature and the refreshing aftertaste.

[How to drink delicious]

Put the powder in an earpick (1g) in a kyusu and pour about 80cc of slightly cooled (200 ℃) hot water. It's best to drink when it's steamed for about XNUMX seconds.