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Yusando Leaf XNUMX-piece set Free shipping

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Yusando leaf 3-piece set.

In commemoration of the renewal of Yusando's package design, we will offer a set of XNUMX reefs that we are proud of with free shipping.Please take this opportunity!

[Seiichiro Sencha] 40g

The slowly grown shoots were picked from late May to early June.Sencha is carefully made using the traditional Uji tea method.You can enjoy the gentle sweetness of nature and the refreshing aftertaste.

[Houjiro Hojicha] 60g

This tea is made by roasting tea leaves that grew slowly during the rainy season using the traditional method.A delicious roasted green tea with a fragrant aroma and gentle sweetness that weaves the mysteries of nature and tradition.

[Momogen Micha] 40g

From late May to early June, sprouts naturally fermented in the forest were gently and gently made using old-fashioned machines.A Japanese black tea grown in the forest with a soft aroma, a faint sweetness, and a refreshing aftertaste.

Customer Reviews

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Is delicious.

All three are delicious, but Houjiro Hojicha is especially delicious.It's a mellow and tasty tea with an indescribable fragrant aroma.I feel relaxed.

Rose cat
As always, I can only find the word delicious.

I'm a fan of hojicha.When I drank it for the first time, I felt "the taste of a different world".
I didn't drink much Japanese tea, but when I met Yusando-san's tea, I started to drink Japanese tea as well.There is also Japanese black tea this time, which is perfect for both trials and repeaters.It feels small in terms of grams, but you can enjoy it enough.