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Kihachiro Genmaicha Tea Bag 20P No pesticides and no fertilizers

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Premium Organic Kihachiro Genmaicha

Genmaicha is one of the representative teas of Japanese teaIn the mountains of Nara, in the Yamato Kogen where there is a big difference in temperature, a blend of natural sencha born from land that does not use fertilizers or pesticides and the phantom rice "Hatsufumi" cultivated according to the idea of ​​Hideaki natural farming. It is the best brown rice tea made.It is a delicious brown rice tea that you can enjoy a rich aroma.

The slowest sencha that grows slowly.

It is cultivated at an altitude of 500 meters in the area where new tea is the slowest in Japan.The new tea season begins in the second half of May.It is about a month later than other tea producing areas, and while slowly bathing in the sun, it sucks the spirit of the earth and sprouts abundantly.

The phantom rice "Hatsushimo".

The phantom rice "Hatsushimo" is said to have been named because it is harvested after it gets cold enough to frost.We cultivate ourselves from the seed paddy that we have been self-seeding for over XNUMX years using natural farming.玄米を香りよく、焙煎してもらえる加工場を探した結果、静岡県のAs a result of searching for a processing plant where brown rice can be roasted with a good aroma, Shizuoka Prefecture

Seiichiro Sencha varieties "Yabukita" and "Sayama Kaori"

Seiichiro Sencha is made by blending two varieties of tea, "Yabukita" and "Sayama Kaori".

YabukitaThe varieties that have the best balance of the four elements of umami, sweetness, astringency, and bitterness.The appearance is also beautiful, and the high-quality "Yabukita" has a scent reminiscent of Japanese mountains.

Kaori SayamaIt is a unique variety that has sprouts that grow like needles.It has little umami and is characterized by a refreshing astringency and aroma of varieties.It is a variety suitable for the plateau of Nara where you can feel a faint sweetness.

How to drink delicious

Yusando's Kihachiro Genmaicha is a cup you should definitely drink when you really want to relax.